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Batting cage pricing is based on individual use. For team cage rentals, please message us on Facebook!




What you get !

Batting Cage Rentals

$15.00 Cage Only

$37.50 Pitching Machine

30 mins rental time, baseballs or softballs, ball cart, protective pitching screen, and batting tee.

30 min rental time.  Iron Mike Pitching Machine, automatic feeding with remote control to pause as needed.  Pitches every 7 seconds and in a 30 minute time period athlete will take about 200 quality swings.

Private Lessons

$70 per lesson One on One with the areas best trainers.  We specialize in pitching, hitting, fielding, speed & agility, and strength & conditioning for athletes of all ages and skillsets in baseball and softball.
Group Lessons

$35 per drop in at a group lesson

Does your athlete thrive to be the best?  In a group lesson setting, athletes are grouped according to age / skillset and will train together under careful instruction and guidance from our training team.  Their competitive nature will only enhance the intense drill and instruction and they will thrive when placed in a group training environment.  

Team Rates:

A  team consist of 4 or more players.  Number of players attending will decide number of cages needed AND time length of cage rentals.  

$5.00 per player for NON machine cages

$10.00 per player for machine cages  

For fielding area, please message us on Facebook for availability and pricing

30 Minutes to 1 hour (based on # of players attending) of cage rental time, balls, ball cart, protective screen, and tee

30 Minutes to 1 hour (based on # of players attending) of cage rental time with iron mike pitching machine

Depending on availability, we can provide up to a 75' x 125' open area for infield drills, base running, agility drills, speed & footwork drills, and much more.  We will be happy to try and accomodate your teams needs, just give us a call or send a message and we will work with you to find the best possible solution.    

Birthday Parties Message Us for Pricing Your private party will provide you access to the entire facility.  Our GameChanger team will provide games such as kickball, dodge ball, soccer, whiffle ball, or any game of your choice.  We will set up tables and chairs for your party, but most importantly, we will provide a safe and fun place for your athlete to enjoy their special day!